Friday, April 22, 2011

You and "Mii" and Ella B

I hung out with my Trumbley boys today and had a blast. Sam did his own thing, but perked up a little when Mike showed up. Jacob was his usual cute self despite the poopy hand incident after his nap (don't ask). And Nathan was Nathan, of course, meaning adorable, hilarious, and full of five year old energy and silliness. He also mentioned several rules of the house while I was there, such as "Don't close the basement door when I'm down there,"and, "If you find someone's toy, you have to give it back," and even, "no tickling- Kristy and Tom said no tickling." Apparently, eating dinner in front of the TV is not one of the rules because he said his mom lets him do that. He did also inform me that he has been sucking his thumb for twenty-five years, so I'm not really sure how reliable he is. Ella loved playing with her cousins and I think I have daycare to credit for her ability to hold her own around the big boys. She wasn't about to let Jacob take her bike away from her, come hell or high water. She was also pretty excited about drinking out of a straw and walking up and down carpeted stairs, so, all in all it was a good day for Me and Ella B.

We also had fun playing the Wii and it turns out that I am pretty good at sword fighting people. Who knew? Nate said I was, "a tiny drop" better than him, so that was cool. He also showed me the Mii he made for Ella. I guess you know you've made it in the world when you have your own Mii.

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  1. PS- I love that Nathan gave Ella blue eyeshadow in her Mii picture. When I told him she doesn't wear eyeshadow he said, "she doesn't?" and looked genuinely shocked.