Wednesday, June 8, 2011

30 is the new awesome!

For those of you who don't know, this is the year of "30" for me and all my girlfriends and I had the pleasure of hosting the 30th birthday of one Caitlin Murphy this past weekend with Michael, Alex, Larry, and Ella B (who rocked out until 7).
We began the evening with cheese, meat, olives, and melon wrapped in prosciutto (skillfully prepared by Mr. Ransom-Wiley himself).

Then, we moved on to the main course, a beautiful cioppino filled with red snapper, clams, crabs legs, scallops, and shrimp (thanks to Alex for stopping at A-1 fish market for the primo goods). I also grilled some bread and rubbed it with garlic, and Caitlin made a beautiful salad that we were all too full to eat.

We ended the evening with a lemon tart, Grand Marnier whipped cream and a food coma. It really couldn't have been better.

During our toast to Caitlin, Alex reminded us that Cait was always the one who knew how great the "30's" and "40's" were going to be, way back in sixth grade when she instituted "Blazer Fridays" and could rock a pink lipstick like nobody's business.

Seriously though, the twelve year old me always imagined that I would be spending my thirtieth year with these girls, but the grown up me realizes how lucky we are that it actually worked out that way. It is hard to believe that we have been friends for 25 years and that no matter where our lives have taken us, (New York, D.C., India, Luxembourg) we are still just good old Bethany girls at heart. I'm so happy for the life thirty has brought me and so happy to be able to share the blessings of that life with the people who have helped shape the person I've become. I love you girls. Happy Birthday to us!

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  1. Thank you for this ruling post, Jeni! The Bethany energy *was* in full effect that night. I can only imagine how much more amplified it would have been with Jess (and Jill--who was always a Bethany girl before she was a Woodbridge chick)! xo