Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yethsh and 9

Sp I picked up Ella B from daycare today and apparently she says "yes" now instead her super cute exaggerated "yeeeaaah." Of course, it's not quite "yes" really. It's more of a "yeth," or a "yesh," or a combo of the two, like "yethsh."Apparently she speaks Yiddish now.

She has also started using the number 9 in conversation. So, if I ask her "how many" she will always answer with "9" no matter what the question is. Here is how the conversations go:

"How many feet does Ella have?"
"How many squirrels do you see?"
"How many grapes are on your plate?"
"Do you love hummus?"

It got me thinking about the different ways kids change- with a whimper or with a bang. Sometimes the changes happen so quickly that you pick her up from daycare one day and suddenly she has a whole new vocabulary, or she has learned how to sleep on her cot like a good girl. And then sometimes it happens more slowly and quietly until one day you realize that she doesn't need your help getting on the couch, or she can feed herself with a spoon, and you ask yourself, "Can she really do that?"

And, of course, the answer is:

"Yethsh" and also "9"


  1. Maybe she's saying "nein." I wouldn't put it past Ella to be learning German while you sleep.

    Yethsh and Nein.

    I'm thinking she's just a little genius who can't make up her mind.

  2. thats what i was going to say!!! she is speaking german!!! yes and no!!