Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pancakes for dinner

Last night, Ella B and I were fortunate enough to have dinner at Chip's in Milford with my girlfriend Wendy and her twin boys, Robby and Joey, or "RobbyJoey" as Ella would call them. It was a fundraiser for our school and a good excuse to eat pancakes for dinner. Ella B was surprisingly well behaved in her own two-year-old way. Besides refusing to sit down, bothering the woman in the booth behind us, and pressing her face up against the glass a few times, she was pretty good. Robby and Joey, who are five and much more well-behaved than Ella, kept saying things like, "Mom, why is Ella doing that?" and, "Miss Jeni, look what Ella's doing!" 

Finally, at the end of the meal, when I was feeling pretty good about that fact that I didn't have to drag Ella out of there kicking and screaming and that I actually ate my entire meal in a reasonable amount of time, Robby announced, "I don't think Ella's gonna be going to any restaurants any time soon."

It appears that Robby is a much stricter parent than I am. Luckily for Ella, she gets to come home with me.

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