Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Llamas and Frogs

I know I've said it before, but we absolutely love Ella's daycare. Yesterday, she got to touch both a llama and a frog! The llama is actually housebroken and just walked right into the classroom. Fearless Nelly over here walked right up to him and gave him a little pet. She said his fur was soft and that he kept doing this (insert image of her head butting me). Then she got to play with the class frogs outside of their habitat. She sat on the floor with the frog in her hand and Shauna was able to snap this glee-filled picture. Just after it was taken, the frog hopped up and hit her in the mouth. Ella keeps telling me how the frog "kissed" her and was jumping "crazy everywhere." I asked her if he turned into a prince and she said, "No, he's just a frog." Better luck next time Beezer.Sounds like a pretty awesome day at school. I'm pretty jealous.

Hope your day is filled with llamas and frogs, or whatever else makes you happy!

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