Monday, August 8, 2011

Sweet Home from Alabama

We have officially survived our first family vacation and it turned out to be pretty great. All the things I was really worried about ended up working out thanks to a little planning and some surprise good behavior from Miss Ella B. Here are some final pics from our trip.

Ella B, our niece Madelyn, and Ella's favorite thing about Alabama, Lulu

Enjoying a little Wubbzy time on the plane

Ella B at the playground on the coolest swing ever!

The lovely Madelyn, the best babysitter ever

The friend Ella B made on the trip home. The flight attendants just loved that we let them hang out in the aisles.


Thanks to Tony, Lisa, Madelyn, and Karen for a great trip. A special thanks to Lulu, Bessie, and Marlow for being so patient and sweet with the sixteen month old trying to touch their noses and tails. Hope to see you guys in the CT next summer.

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