Thursday, September 1, 2011

17 Months

Dear Ella B,

Two days ago you turned 17 months old. That means that next month you will be a year and a half. To most people that doesn't seem like a long time, but for us it is hard to believe. Pretty soon you will be closer to two than one, and every day you seem to grow up faster and faster like a baby snowball rolling down a hill- big, bigger, biggest. It is so fun to see the little wheels in your head turning as you discover, explore, and make sense of this big bad world, and I'm so glad you've let me be a part of it.

You are quite a devil, but you are also the most awesome kid I know. For serious.

Here is what you've got goin' on at 17 months:

New words: "gide" (outside or inside), "dow" (door), "lo?" (hello? with phone pressed against ear), "nanight" (blanket), keys (but very guttural), "sssss" (please), and "tata" (thank you).

New feats: makes a really good kissing sound now (I know, this is very important)

Favorite things to do: put keys in key holes, sit in the driver's seat of the car and press buttons, play with any piece of technology you don't want her to play with, lay on the floor and have you put the blanket on her just right (over and over again), sit in a box in the living room and have daddy read her stories, do a downward dog

Bye from Ella B land!


  1. Love that she does downward dog!

  2. Not sure if she learned it at school or just figured it out on her own, but it is pretty darn cute.