Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A+/ F-

So, last week Ella B got her first A. Actually, it was an A+, but who's counting, right? When I got to daycare, Miss Marcia showed me Ella's daily info sheet and it had a little sticker on it. She said that Ella earned it by helping to clean up after lunch. So cute.

The funniest part was that when I handed the sheet to Ella (she loves to read her report each day- ya know, to keep track of her pooping schedule and what not), she sat down and looked at the sticker for a long time, very pleased with herself. After a few minutes, another little girl came over to check it out and pointed at the sticker. Well, Miss Ella B did not appreciate this and nearly decked poor little Kate. Okay, she pinched her, but it was an aggressive pinch. I told Ella that wasn't nice and she very reluctantly went over to Kate and patted her on the chest, a toddler version of an apology, I guess.

So, her report card for the day should read:

Cleaning up A+
Playing nice F-

The problem is that still averages out to a failing grade, unless of course I give her the gentleman's 50, and I also add in her daily cuteness grade of one million times infinity. Yeah, I think I'll do that.


  1. Do they teach Ella a clean up song? E's friends in day care all sing different versions so we created one jumbled hot mess song of our own...it makes no sense but actually works!

  2. Probably- they seem to have a song for just about everything. What I really need is a "don't pinch your friends" song. I bet Yo Gabba Gabba has one.