Monday, February 13, 2012

A post my husband will love

There is nothing my husband loves more than to prove me wrong (and to keep reminding me about it). So, here you go Michael. You were right. Bringing Beezer to the Poconos was not a total disaster. And yes, I did have a lot of fun. Okay? Enough.

Rewind to about a month ago when Alex and Larry asked us if we wanted to spend the weekend in the Poconos with them and a few of their friends. Of course, Alex and Michael were in cahoots from the very beginning trying to figure out how to convince me to go. Truth be told, I didn't want to go. Well, I didn't want to go with Beezer. I wasn't looking forward to a three-hour road trip with a toddler, or figuring out how to get her to sleep in a strange place, or how to keep everyone quiet after seven without being a total jerk, or how to stay up late and still get up early and not be a crab the next day.

Clearly, I was not too keen on the idea, but my eternally non-nonchalant husband finally wore me down and I agreed to go. I was most worried about the drive down, but thank God for portable DVD players and big bags of Goldfish. I sat in the back so I could entertain her and keep her company. I asked her about her day, sang songs, and danced to the radio until she looked at me, pointed at the front seat and said, "Mommy- up there." From that point on she was in Kai-Lan/Diego/Dora/Blue's Clues lala land. Feel free to judge. I don't care.

Once we got there it was straight to bed. The next morning was a little rough as we'd stayed up until 1:30 and then Beezley decided to get up at 5:15. That hurt. But once everyone else woke up and Ella got used to all the people, she become her little hammy self and captured everyone's attention. She especially loved the boys and always wanted to be in "Larry's room." She insisted on eating Alex's ice cubes and touching Kofi's puffy slippers.

The best part of all came when Genny, Jake, their baby Penny, and their dog Grizzly showed up. Ella fell in love with Grizzly and wouldn't leave him alone. The rest of us fell in love with four month old Penny and wouldn't leave her alone. She never knew who would be holding her next. I was pretty impressed with Ella for letting me hold Penny for quite a while. A good sign for the future, I hope. It was also nice to have other parents there who understood the importance of little person sleep. Also, I'm pretty much in love with my new friend Genny.

So, overall it was a successful trip. The weekend was filled with tiny giggles, awesome food, silly games, too little sleep, and a lot of really great people, and we would have really missed out on a good time if we'd stayed home. Thank you Michael for making me go.

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