Friday, March 23, 2012

And then the world did not end...

So, as you might have guessed, Ella B and I both survived our time apart. Luckily, the training was unbelievably valuable, so my time away from her was not wasted, especially since she barely even noticed. Her days were filled with lots of Nene cuddles and presents and a trip to Robby and Joey's house, or "RobbyJoeyhouse" as Ella would say. The picture above is the result of an afternoon spent with Wendy, the mother of two five-year-old boys who doesn't play with little girl hair very often. Keep in my mind that this child throws a fit when I try to even put one ponytail in her hair and would rather spend her day pushing her locks out of her face like a two-year-old Justin Bieber. Note to self: Must study Wendy. Learn her secrets.

I couldn't wait to get home and hold that little nugget in my arms again, but of course she had to make me suffer. She pretty much wanted nothing to do with me for a good hour and only wanted to be in my mother's arms. Luckily, Arlo and Violet were playing outside and after a few minutes of pretending to be frogs and picking berries, things were back to normal.

There was, however, one more bit of punishment. At bath time, Ella B decided this night would be a good time to poop in the tub for the first time. I know, we're lucky we made it nearly two years without such an incident, but still, the timing was flawless. Michael was overjoyed. But as cheesy as it sounds, even when I'm scooping her poop with my hands, I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.

PS- Happy 100th blog post to me!

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