Sunday, March 18, 2012

My heart breaks a "little, tiny bit."

Check out the picture above. I'm getting ready right now to leave that little nugget for three days. I know. Craziness. I have to go away for training and I am leaving Ella B for three nights and three days. I have never been away from her for more than a day, so as you might imagine, I'm a little bit anxious. Will Michael remember to brush her teeth? Will she freak out when I'm not there in the morning to snuggle her? Will her shirt match her pants? Will she match too much? Obviously the world is going to end while I'm gone. So, I spent the day trying to soak up all the Ella B love I could get, and of course she seemed double extra cute today.

We began with a solid snuggle on the couch while we watched Dora and split a clementine. Then she was all giggles and smiles at the diner. Before nap, we spent a good hour looking for worms underneath all the rocks in the yard, and as we speak she has just woken up and is sitting on my lap eating my slices of apple and cheddar while I type this with one hand. I'm loving her so hard right now.
Of course I know that Michael is more than capable of caring for our child and Mr. cool as a cucumber isn't worried about a thing, but while she loves both of us, she is definitely a momma's girl. Lately she's been saying "a little, tiny bit" for when she wants more of something, like, "a little, tiny bit of milk," or, "a little, tiny bit of cupcake batter." So, I think it's only fitting to say that when I leave today, my heart is going to break just "a little, tiny bit." Luckily, that tiny face will be here when I get back to mend it.

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