Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Daylight Savings and Losings

Daylight Savings is an ongoing argument in my house. Basically, I know that it's awesome because it means we all get to sleep in for an extra hour for the next six months, but my husband believes that it is only awesome for one day until we all adjust and don't notice the difference. I agree with him that we do eventually adjust (right around the time that we have to change the clocks again), but it doesn't happen overnight. I can look at the new numbers on the clock, but that doesn't mean that my body feels any different about the time. My body is smart. It knows what you did.

Well, apparently Ella's body is pretty smart, too, because it is not down with this whole daylight savings thing. When I said that daylight savings is awesome, I meant daylight savings was awesome before I had a child. Now, daylight savings means I'm getting up at the same time I used to, but I'm going to bed an hour later. Unfortunately, that's what Beezer is doing, too.

She has always gone to bed very early. We really cannot keep this girl up past seven o'clock or she turns into a gremlin after midnight. That means that we generally go upstairs at about 6:15 and she is in her crib by seven sharp. This is great for me because I can do all my grading at night. Unfortunately, it also means that she gets up between 5:30 and 6. Everyday. Including Saturday and Sunday. I have gotten fairly used to this, and pretty much go to bed early every night in anticipation of getting up at the crack of dawn. However, with the time change, I've been going to bed at the new 10:00 (the old 11:00), but still getting up at the old 6:00 (the new 5:00). I can't seem to get everything done by the old 9:00 (the new 10:00) because we're getting home an hour later than we use to, so I can't just go to bed earlier.

Beezer is feeling the effects, too. Because she is going to bed an hour later each night but still getting up at the old time, she is waking up grumpy as hell. She is also a basket case at night, so we've been trying to put her to bed earlier, but by the time we get home, eat dinner, and take a bath, it's the new 7:00, and she is a disaster.

I know we'll all adjust eventually, but I hope, if nothing else, my husband realizes that I was totally right about this whole daylight savings thing not just magically working out overnight. That would make it at least a little bit worth it.

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