Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You're Sick

One of Ella's big things right now is playing doctor, and she will frequently tell us that we are sick and that she has to check us. We are made to lie down while she shines her flashlights in our mouths and takes our temperatures under our armpits. She has to cover us with blankets and she especially likes it if we moan and stick our tongues out. Mike was lucky enough to be the recipient of some good old fashioned doctoring the other day. I had gone to take a shower and when I got back I found this. Apparently, when you are sick you need to be covered in several blankets from head to toe as well as stuffed animals, flashcards, and even a "grooby grabber" as she calls it which is one of those mechanical arms. The future of healthcare in this country is definitely in trouble if Ella B gets her hands on it.

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