Saturday, July 2, 2011

15 Months

Dear Ella B,

On Thursday you turned 15 months. You went to daycare, but you had a temperature so I picked you up early. You didn't feel well and mostly just wanted to snuggle. We walked around the block in our new toddler carrier. I couldn't figure out how to do the whole backpack thing by myself, so I carried you in the front just like old times. I noticed how your strong legs bounced against my thighs instead of my stomach. I could feel the weight of a little girl, not a baby against me. You are getting to be more like a kid everyday, but you are still my little nugget, too.

Here's what you are up to at 15 months:

Weight: don’t know, maybe 23 lbs.

Height: I’m still guessing like 30 inches

New words: Wow Wow (meaning she wants to watch Wubbzy), Pat Pat (for Patrick at school), baby, hat, up (ub), cheese and sock (really just guttural sounds, but I know what she means).

New feats: knows pretty much all of her body parts (including the girly ones), always wants to wear her hat and gets upset if it falls off, wants to wear certain shoes, loves to clean everything with a paper towel and gets upset when her stuff is "dirty" (i.e. has a speck of dirt on it), can color, loves to "feed" her baby water or a pouch and makes slurping noises, loves to pretend to put lotion on

Firsts: molars, favorite T.V. show, favorite toy (her baby), high school graduation, McDonald's (first time dipping a chicken mcnugget in sauce), backpack carrier, went to hospital to visit Loreli

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