Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back to Awesomeness

Operation: Awesome Summer is back in full swing. Yesterday, Ella B and I had a lovely day at Brooksvale Park in Cheshire where we saw goats, sheep, horses, bunnies, chickens, and even a peacock who proudly shook his spectacular feathers at us.

We played on the playground and then went to Wentworth's where I enjoyed an ice cream cone and Beezer had a strawberry banana smoothie. All around, it was a pretty great day (and free besides the ice cream).

Today, we had to go to the doctor where we learned that Beezer herself is pretty awesome and doing all kinds of things that 15 month olds just don't do. She asked me if Ella was saying any words yet and couldn't believe it when I said she has about twenty words, can do a bunch of animal noises, and knows almost all of her body parts. So, yeah, she is pretty awesome.

We then met Amy and Bowie for a sandwich at Blue Check and then a nice walk on the Blue Trail using our toddler carrier. She loved keeping an eye on Bowie and drinking out of Amy's super cool water bottle with the built in straw.

As you can see, we've decided to take the awesome by the horns, and this time, we're not letting go.

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