Monday, May 30, 2011

14 Months

Dear Ella B,

This morning, you and I sat on the porch at 6 o'clock in the morning and it started to rain. We sat and watched the drops splatter rhythmically on the driveway and snuggled each other, silently. You sat in my lap and your little bare legs flopped against mine and your hands held my thumbs. I kissed the top of your head and breathed in your beautiful babyness, or what is left of it anyway. I was filled with more love than I can possibly express to you. I can only hope that one day you get to feel this kind of love for someone or something, because let me tell you, there is nothing like it.

Today you are 14 months old and I can't beleive what a little person you have become. You are opinionated, fearless, and full of life. You want to go, go, go all the time and never want to stop having fun for one minute. Today at Nene and Pop Pop's house, you kept tickling everyone and running away so we would chase you. You pet a horse right on his nose. We tried to sit outside and have a barbeque, but you were having none of it. You wanted to find the kitty, see the birdies, where's Nanny? I want to go inside! I want to go upstairs! I do it myself! I tried to take you for a walk and halfway through you nearly squirmed and screamed yourself out of the stroller, so I had to take you out and have you hold my hand and walk next to me while I pushed the stroller.

You are exhausting and you are amazing. There is no one quite like Ella B and though you drive us crazy, we can't imagine our lives without you.

Happy 14 month birthday Ella B!

14 month highlights:

Weight: probably like 22 lbs
Height: No idea, 30 inches?
New words: meow, tweet, cup, all done, nana (banana), baba (bottle), bubu (bubbles), ba (ball or bath), Pop Pop, Nene
New feats: animal sounds, turning her palms up to say "I don't know", lots of waving, tickling, sliding herself off the bed, going down the slide at daycare all by herself, wearing everyone else's shoes, taking off her own shoes in the car, throwing a ball, learning to sit and listen to an entire story before getting up.
Firsts: ear infection, touching a horse, solo sliding, going in the woods, sleeping in her crib during nap time

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