Monday, May 23, 2011

Eat, Play, Love

So anyone who has ever had a child knows that the weekend is not quite what it use to be, in good ways and bad. There is no more sleeping in, relaxing over a cup of coffee and the morning paper, making dinner plans with friends, etc. As an English teacher I never really had much of the lazy Saturday, anyway, but now we are up at 5:30 and on the move ready to eat, play, and love. Saturday Night Live has become Sunday Morning DVR'd because I now go to bed at the same time every night, which I suppose is much healthier anyway. The upside to all this is that by noon we have usually already eaten two meals, mowed the lawn, emptied the dishwasher, washed two loads of laundry, grocery shopped, and hung curtains. Sometimes we look at the clock and say, "It's only 10:30?" because we have already done so much. It also means lots of fun times with Beezer and that is the best reason to get up at 5:30. Here are some of her highlights from the weekend:

  1. Blowing bubbles with daddy

  2. Eating Sunday breakfast at Nene and Pop pop's house

  3. Looking at Aunty Christina's funny belly button (cause it's poppin' out preggo style)

  4. Flirting with Uncle Jeremy

  5. Wearing daddy's shoes

  6. Getting a big blue ball at Walmart

  7. Eating guacamole

  8. Petting Madilyn the kitty katty

  9. learning to say "meow" and "quack"

  10. Picking buttercups and wild onions for my mom


  1. so freakin cute! that might be my favorite beezer pic yet! xo

  2. Is there actually something "funny" about her belly button???

  3. Well, kind of since she is nine months pregnant